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A mesmerizing luxury mirror that melds steel, bronze and a molten finish. William Emmerson's brilliantly designed "Standing Molten Mirror" handmade in Los Angeles, 2023. Artisanally crafted from robust steel and rich bronze, the mirror features a molten bronze cascading designed frame that appears frozen in time. Each mirror is handmade with undulating contours and lapping edges with thick bronze. The undulated curved base is heavily weighted to support the strength of the leaning mirror that tapers at the top. The frame tapers in size from 3" depth at the bottom to 2" depth at the top / and the width narrows from 22" at the bottom to 18" Wide at the top The marriage of steel, bronze, and molten metal exemplifies the harmonious blend of strength, elegance, and artistic expression. Incredible attention to detail and a true art piece.



Height: 80 in (203.2 cm)

Width: 22 in (55.88 cm)

Depth: 3 in (7.62 cm)

Materials and Techniques: Bronze, Steel

Place of Origin: United States

Date of Manufacture: 2023

Production Type: New Production

Estimated Production Time: Available Now




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Standing Molten Mirror

$ 20,000.00 USD

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