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Introducing "Fusion of Flames," a mesmerizing luxury mirror that melds steel, bronze, and molten beauty. Its bold, avant-garde design captivates with strength and fluidity. The frame, crafted from robust steel and rich bronze, features a frozen, cascading molten design. The interplay of materials is a visual delight, symbolizing strength, radiance, and the transformative power of artistic creation. Engage with this captivating mirror and enter a dance between solidity and fluidity, embracing personal growth and metamorphosis. "Fusion of Flames" exemplifies the harmonious blend of strength, elegance, and transformative artistry, igniting wonder and sparking imagination.

The mirror is versatile, suitable for use either in a standing position or when hung horizontally.




WE Collection Tear Sheet

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Furniture Collection

Elongated Molten Mirror

$ 18,500.00 USD

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