William Emmerson is
redefining the intersection
of vintage and modern
worlds, where an evolution
of the past is coupled with
a new understanding using
modern technology.  

"I find nature is the original designer, and everything that echoes through history is a refinement of that.”

William Emmerson

Company + philosophy

Founded in 1997 as Emmerson Troop, the Los Angeles based company has evolved into a multi-disciplinary brand that produces unique compositions of exclusive furniture, industrial, and interior design. With warmth and practicality at the forefront, William Emmerson passionately intends to parallel the flow of life through each composition. Now, the brand is a leading voice for both commercial and residential design, with an expansive portfolio that includes notable collaborations, historic renovations, and celebrity clients.

As the Emmerson storefront re-launches in Los Angeles, it will be featuring two never before seen collections - one of which is seven years in the making. A functional art series of pieces made of single block glass and marble will be transforming experiences in public buildings and spaces across Los Angeles starting Spring of 2020. A custom-made leather furniture collection will also be released, raising industry standards with its unparalleled quality. The pieces are made utilizing ancient bending and sculpting techniques, natural dyes, and nude skin from France.

William's story

William Emmerson, founder and principal of William Emmerson Inc. is a world-renowned British designer, sculptor, and innovator.

He attributes the birth of this multidisciplinary company, known for its unique juxtaposition of the modern and vintage worlds, to his early childhood in London where he grew up watching his father carve and create wooden sculptures. 

A versatile early career in Los Angeles, weaving eight years of art direction for film and videos and four years of working with master craftsmen to build furniture, cabinetry, has characterized his exclusive and unique compositions. 

In 1997, William opened the doors to his first store front, Emmerson Troop, which became a mecca for modern and vintage collectors alike. Since opening the store, he has completed more than a dozen notable interior design & renovation projects including his own Robert Byrd house, an apartment in the early 20th century Angeleno landmark El Royal, and countless exclusive residences abroad. He also began designing exclusive furniture collections, which put him on the map as a reputable furniture designer. His storefront and designs also caught the attention of leading press outlets such as the New York Times and Variety.

In 2007, after creating two of his most recognized furniture lines, the Ab Ovo and Flatbar, and landing what became a decade-long tenure designing for Ralph Pucci, William shifted his vision towards exploring new materials and processes beyond furniture design.

Today, in addition to concentering his collections and limited addition pieces at William Emmerson Inc., he continues to expand his scope of work with collaborations, such as the furniture he is currently preparing for the new show to present the marble and glass collection.