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Brass, Glass | 31" R 2" D

Introducing "Gilded Imperfections," an exquisite luxury mirror that seamlessly blends opulence with raw, imperfect beauty. Crafted from polished brass, it exudes timeless elegance, while deliberate gouges disrupt its flawless surface, embracing vulnerability and celebrating the beauty found in imperfections. The contrast between luxurious brass and intentional markings prompts contemplation on the duality of existence and the transient nature of beauty. As viewers engage with it, the mirror becomes a metaphorical portal for introspection, highlighting the depth and texture created by light and shadow. "Gilded Imperfections" challenges society's obsession with flawless aesthetics, embracing authenticity and uniqueness, and inviting viewers to appreciate their own scars as sources of profound beauty.




WE Collection Tear Sheet

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Circular Gauged Edge Mirror - S

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